Energy Innovation for Remote Housing and Public Infrastructure

On June 16, Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded GREENER project host the third seminar of the partnership on "Energy Innovation for Remote Housing and Public Infrastructure". GREENER lead partner Anne Marie McLaughlin from ERNACT welcomed the attendees and gave an overview on the project.

GREENER project partners Heidi Kanala-Salminen from Centria University of Applied Sciences and Markku Kananen from Oulu University presented each speaker before their presentations.

Over 20 people across Europe have joined the seminar that have brought together energy experts, academics, SME's and the general public to share learnings and experiences and increase the awareness about the latest energy solutions across the NPA area.

First speaker Samuli Rinne project manager from City of Oulu (Finland) talked about the possible future energy solutions to become Oulu (Finland) in a smart city. Followed by Ryotaro Kajimura from Agency for Renewable Energies eV (Germany) who explained how municipalities and communities could unlock energy efficiency potentials at local level. After that Ian Brannigan from Western Development Commission (Ireland) shared their experience on participating at the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded LECo project on building self-sustaining local energy communities.

Click the video to watch the seminar!

Stay Tuned all the speaker presentations will be available soon!