GREENER closing conference on Energy Innovation for Remote Areas

On June 16, Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded GREENER project hosted online the closing conference of the partnership on "Energy Innovation for Remote Areas". GREENER lead partner Anne Marie McLaughlin from ERNACT welcomed the attendees and gave a short overview of the project.

GREENER project partners Heidi Kanala-Salminen from Centria University of Applied Sciences and Markku Kananen from Oulu University presented each speaker before their presentations.

Over 20 people across Europe have joined the closing conference that brought together energy experts, academics, SME's and the general public to share learnings and experiences and increase the awareness about the latest energy solutions across the NPA area.

The closing conference started with the presentation of Sami Vinkki from Demeca Oy that shared information about farm-based biogas production in Finland. Demeca Oy is a Finnish agricultural expert, that it's mission is to improve the profitability and wellbeing of the Finnish farms. 

Followed by Olli Nurkkala from Pro Agria that shared a video about the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme funded COOPID and talked about it's participation at this Bioeconomy Clusters and shared knowledge on renewable energy solutions for farmers and rural entrepreneurs.

The closing conference finalised with the presentation of GREENER project partner Markku Kananen from University of Oulu that shared information on biogas production potential and usage in Nivala town, North Ostrobothnia (Finland).

Click the video if you missed our closing conference and watch it!

Stay tuned speakers presentation will be shared soon!