Sharing the latest energy efficiency solutions!

Increasing awareness of energy efficiency opportunities and renewable solutions in housing sector and public infrastructure

Sustainable energy provision has become a fundamental priority in the agenda of Northern Periphery and Arctic regions. The impact that climate change has on the reliability and performance of energy systems, joined with factors like peripherality, low population density, sparse settlements, migration, extreme climates, distances, accessibility, and over reliance on fossil fuels, has resulted in comparatively higher energy costs for domestic, business and public consumers with a consequential adverse impact on economic competitiveness.

The GREENER project is addressing these challenges by clustering 3 NPA projects (SMARCTIC, LECoand h-CHP) that are using their collective capacity and complementarity to increase awareness, gain critical mass, and transfer knowledge about the latest to public authorities, communities, and businesses across the NPA energy solutions.

As a first steps in the project, the GREENER team partnered with the HEATER project team to organise a joint launch conference on the 4th of October 2021 to collaborate and increase the reach of both team’s networks.

The GREENER partners then collated an inventory of good energy practices identified within their individual NPA projects, including excellent examples of wind, solar, snow, ocean and geothermal energy systems and which were presented by speakers representing SMARCTIC, LECo and h-CHP at a successful seminar held on 9th December 2021.

Future steps

In the next few months, GREENER partners will continue documenting the energy services developed in and by their own NPA projects and each partner will participate in transferring knowledge related to these energy services to other knowledge centres and to potential end-users in all regions. It is expected that all the services gathered by partners will be shared on the 2nd Transnational Thematic Seminar, in March 2022.

Furthermore, the partnership will develop a new project proposal for 2021 – 2027 NPA funding programme based on the knowledge sharing, learning, innovation, increased awareness and new networks developed through the GREENER project.

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