Watch Markku Kananen presentation for the 1st Good Energy Practice Seminar

On the 9th of December, Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme funded GREENER project hosted the 1st Good Energy Practice Seminar of the partnership, moderated by GREENER project lead partner Anne Marie McLaughlin from ERNACT.

During the event speakers from 3 different NPA projects shared real world experiences in energy efficient and renewable solutions implemented across the NPA regions. Attendees from Finland, Scotland and Ireland had the opportunity to learn about community wind generation, geothermal, intelligent energy usage, reducing biomass waste, storing summer heat for winter use, and harnessing the heat of the ocean for district heating systems.

Due to connection problems Markku Kananen from University of Oulu (Finland) could not finish his presentation about Residents' experiences of geothermal energy and solar collectors and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – the solution to reducing biomass waste in Iceland and negligible emissions of the carcinogenic chemicals, dioxin and furan.

He kindly shared a video with his presentation so, click the video to watch it!