GREENER inspiring future innovative energy projects

Increasing public awareness of energy efficiency, renewables and smart energy management solutions

The GREENER projectCLUSTERING REMOTE REGIONS for ENERGY RESILIENCE and GROWTH” has worked for a year to address a common challenge: increasing awareness and transferring knowledge about the latest energy solutions to public authorities, communities and businesses across the NPA area.

The project is led by the ERNACT network (Ireland) with partners Centria University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu, both in Finland.

The GREENER project has collated an inventory of Good Energy Practices and Services, including excellent examples of wind, solar, snow, ocean, and geothermal energy systems that can be transferred to housing and public infrastructure in remote areas.

The GREENER partners asked all those contacted through the project to share the topics they believe should be addressed in the immediate future through energy efficiency projects focused on rural and remote areas.

Here are some of their response:

  • Development of hydrogen and anaerobic digestion as an alternative heating source
  • Funding possibilities for households to make their homes greener
  • Energy villages
  • Production of solar energy and its optimized use in households. Usage of locally produced energy and energy efficiency
  • Community energy projects
  • The use of bio fuels, like wood pellets, in heating
  • How the energy potential of your own region can be utilised and how energy savings can be reached


The GREENER partners expect to contribute to addressing these needs in the upcoming NPA programme.