Sharing Energy Innovations through an International Network

The results of projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency are now being highlighted in an international cluster project. On display are e.g., innovations and experiments related to waste recovery, wind power, heating and cooling. Cooperation between 9 countries and 20 implementers has been smooth and productive.

The ERNACT network, Centria University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu jointly launched a project to promote regional energy efficiency and awareness in July 2021. The GREENER (CLUSTERING REMOTE REGIONS for ENERGY RESILIENCE and GROWTH) project aims to provide information on the latest energy solutions and best practices to households, public bodies, businesses, and public authorities, increasing regional competitiveness and prosperity.

The project is coordinated by the ERNACT network. In addition to Centria and the University of Oulu, the project involves 20 other partners from Sweden, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Germany and Canada. The aim is to connect end-users between regions and increase transnational cooperation through a partnership network.

The cluster project provides several examples of renewable energy experiments that reduce energy consumption and emissions, ensure energy supply in remote areas, save money, or even generate revenue. The experiments also reduce the carbon footprint or are carbon neutral or reduce the release of carcinogens, for example, into the environment. The project shares information e.g., about Finnish detached house residents’ experience of geothermal energy and solar collectors. The project also examines the challenges involved in the operation of the UK’s largest community owned wind farm, built in Scotland and owned entirely by the village community. Furthermore, the project shows examples of a seasonal thermal energy storage pilot case at the Finn Spring factory in Toholampi, Finland.

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Blog Sharing Energy Innovations through an International Network